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True, guaranteed privacy seems to be nearly non-existent in today’s online shopping environment.

From major search engines, to online shopping platforms and marketplaces, users are forced to expose their identity, location, etc. all for the sake convenience.

That’s where we come in.


By using a patented system of layered security, BuyFind ensures you stay private while you shop on our platform.

Your Search

On BuyFind, everything starts with entering in your shopping selections. And likewise, so does the first layer of privacy protection. Feel safe and secure knowing your selections, whatever they may be, are anonymized before and during every search.

Your Results

So you’ve entered your selections, and now you’re browsing your results. Instead of a mix of safe and unsafe links to various sites, BuyFind auto removes the unsafe ones, specifically those that want to track your browsing habits. For a more detailed explained in click here.

Your Shopping

Third party sites and advertisers would love nothing more than to plant as many cookies as possible on your browser as possible. Shopping on BuyFind prevents this through the use of our secure browser. Purchase confidently and confidentially while in full control of your privacy during your shopping cycle.


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